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#44 Assignment Completed!

This may be my last post for a while.You have listened to me pour out my memories and feelings over the past year.Your feed back gave me fuel to keep writing and writing gave me a satisfying level of catharsis.I Appreciate You.“Thanks” Assignment Completed!My child bearing days were over!I did my part of multiplying and … More #44 Assignment Completed!

#43 Responsibility For Self.

As adults we need to take responsibility for our selves. We are responsible for our actions, our decisions and the results they bring. In many cases we lack self control.                                                           Self control: The ability to regulate ones response in order to avoid undesirable behaviour, increase desirable ones and achieve goals. Desire GrantedI had given birth to … More #43 Responsibility For Self.

#42 Super Power!

This week while chatting with my biological sisters, the phrase ‘Super Powers’ was used by one of my Sissies and we identified our personal super powers. I could not help but include it in my discourse this week, for indeed we all possess strengths that often lay dormant until our Hulk has reason to Grow. … More #42 Super Power!

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